Social Media and the Reluctant Client

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Social Media and the Reluctant Client

Easing a reluctant client into the fast paced world of social media is like trying to lead a horse to a blazing fire pit.  The horse just knows it’s going to get burned, so why do it.

The short answer is an active, well thought out social media program, even if it’s just dipping your toes into the SM pool, can pay multiple dividends.  The biggest reason being to connect with people who either do or intend to use your product or services. In fact, Social Media Examiner’s 2012 report says the top two benefits of social media marketing are generating more business exposure (reported 85% of marketers) and increasing (web) traffic (69%).


Do Social Media with an Objective

But the most important aspect of social media is to do it with specific objectives in mind.  Doing social media simply for the sake of doing it invites disaster.  Without an overall strategy, your social media efforts will confuse and discourage followers.

Knowing what you’re trying to achieve and who you are trying to reach will dictate where one should focus their social media efforts.  According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, young adults are more likely than others to use major social media. So if you are trying to affect a change in senior citizens, Instagram may not be your first choice. At the same realize that all the demographic are interested in different sites and services.


Wading Before Swimming

Starting a client out with an organization account on LinkedIn or Facebook are quick and easy ways to introduce them to the basics of social media, plus reach a pretty wide cross section of demographics.  LinkedIn has a more professional feel to it, and is often used by prospective employees or customers to learn more about the organization.  Facebook on the other hand lends itself to more informal communications.  Company picnics, awards and decorations, as well as successes.  Often an organization will use Facebook to post a picture and short cutline then provide a link to the organization page for more information – drive internet traffic to where you want them.

Some clients are satisfied with this level of involvement, but others will continue on and join Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr which provide a much quicker connection with followers, often times so fast that an event is on Twitter before it’s even over.

Breakdown of social media outlet and primary users

Source: The State of Social Media Users

Demographics of Social Media Users

Source: Social Networking Site Users Overview

People every day are exposed to literally hundreds if not thousands of demands for their attention – radio ads, TV ads, billboards, signs, computer pop up ads, banner ads and the like.  A good, well planned social media engagement effort can help cut through this clutter and effectively and efficiently reaching current customers as well as potential customers, solely on your social media choices.  Make smart choices!

The NAVAR team specializes in moving the reluctant client into the warm and friendly waters of social media.  Some may be satisfied with only getting their toes wet while others, once acclimated, will boldly strike out to swim across an ocean.

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By Scott VadnaisScott is a published author of multiple books. His communication expertise is primarily within the Federal Government. He, and the NAVAR team, launched a communications and outreach program, including Social Media, with their current client, a Department of Defense entity. He and the NAVAR team can help you get your plans started today.