Benefits of working with an ANC

Contact us to learn more about how working with a qualified and experienced ANC 8(a) Corporation can help overcome procurement delays, disruptions, and cost-overruns plaguing standard contracting.

Congress has given Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) unique rights in the federal contracting. These rights provide Federal agencies strong incentives to contract with tribal and ANC firms. These incentives include:

  •  8(a) firms owned by ANCs may receive sole source (direct award) contracts regardless of dollar amount. 13 CFR 124.506(b)
  •  Sole-source contracts to ANC 8(a) companies may not be protested, because there is no injured party. 13 CFR 124.517(a)
  •  The SBA is allowed to waive the two-year-in-business rule for tribal and ANC-owned firms. 13 CFR124.112(c)(6)

Additional Benefits of Contracting With NAVAR:

  • Leverage Alpha Contracting techniques for mission success.
  • Contract can exceed 8(a) dollar thresholds for services/manufacturing
  • Expedite Contract Awards & Critical Projects
  • Faster Solution Implementation
  • Customer-focused solutions at Fair Prices
How to Initiate the Contracting Process with NAVAR

Step 1: Notify the Small Business Administration (SBA) of Intent to Award a Contract

Step 2: Meet to Negotiate and Finalize the Level of Effort SOW for Intended Contract Services – (ANC Can Negotiate Prior to Award)

Step 3: Define the Contract Document in Broad Terms to Allow for Future Requirements

Step 4: Finalize the Contract Document and Make Formal Award – (No Waiting Period & No Legal Protests Allowed)

Step 5: Sign Contract with NAVAR and Begin Work